Dale Stavers and Terri Hokanson

videographers & Photographers

We are hobby photographers and professional truck drivers. We live most of our life on the road as flatbed truck drivers. This creates an amazing oportunity to enjoy what this county has to offer. We get to go places that most folks simple just wont ever get to go, which we are very greatful for. With an oppertunity like this why wouldn't we want to take advantage of the technology in this day and age to capture every moment we can and share them with the world.

Not only do we get to travel the country for a living but we are also home owners who have a very large task at hand. Our house is practacly a blank canvas for imagination. As you soon find out by scrolling through our web page we enjoy doing things our way and not following the typical cookie cutter style. So, be sure to follow our progress in this adventure we all call life.

our equipment includes: Nikon D34 DSLR camera, 16-100mm Blah Lense, Go Pro Hero 5 Black Edition, Go Pro Fusion 360, DJI Mavic Pro.

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